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Going Residential in 2015

The United Nations declared 2015 International Year of the Soils, and we are getting geared up for some exciting new initiatives in soil regeneration, bringing more black gold to the Milwaukee area. We’ve worked successfully with small businesses, we’ve partnered with schools and community gardens, and now we are taking the compost gospel to the neighborhoods we call home. We want to start by listening.

To get things rolling, we’ve collaborated with a data consultant to develop an initial survey on “organics removal” for Milwaukee-area residents. It takes less than five minutes to fill out, but the data will be invaluable to our educational, outreach, and advocacy efforts in bringing city- and county-wide composting opportunities to fruition. Please share widely with your friends and family across the metro Milwaukee area. We will be analyzing the data on an ongoing basis throughout the winter and spring and reporting out on our findings here.

Thanks in advance for your participation, input, and continued support of the Kompost Kids mission.


Survey of City Residents on Organic Waste Removal

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  1. I would like to add Compost Kids to my current vermaculture and garbage disposal use. You can add my to an e-mail mailing.

  2. My flower beds don’t need the compost I make. We plan to donate our compost container to a food gardener in the Green Corridor or Walnut Way. But What other uses are there for composted food & yard waste. Would some gardener want to pick up the compost ? I hate putting yard waste & veg peelings in landfills.

    • How do your replenish your flower beds then? But yes, there is probably someone willing to pick up your compost. Make a simple add on CraigsList for free compost and see what kind of response you get. You may be surprised how excited people will be to come take it off your hands. Bottom line: don’t stop composting!