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Our mission is to educate the public, individuals, businesses, and institutions about the benefits of compost and to reclaim organic materials from landfills to create soil for community-based agriculture projects.


We are an eager, determined group of urban pioneers, cultivating our communities through advocacy, education, and hard work.

We envision a world in which every person disposes of food residuals and compostable materials in an environmentally sustainable way, and the landfill is never an option.

We envision a world in which so-called “waste” is regenerated into living soil, healing the Earth, and nourishing our gardens, bodies, and souls.

We envision a world in which government, businesses, families, and individuals unite to plant the seeds of community so we can change the way we view our “waste” stream.

Transforming Soil. Transforming Lives. Transforming Our Communities.

What We Do

Kompost Kids is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming our “waste” stream through active landfill diversion and local disposal of food residuals and other compostables.

Explore our site to find out how you can get involved, make a difference in your community, and give back to the soil that feeds all of us.