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The Kompost Kids Bay View lease is ending, so effective March 15th, 2020 we cannot accept new contributions. Please help us find a new location either community site or larger demonstration site!

We don’t want to leave you hanging – here are ways to continue to compost:

  • Ask your neighbors with compost bins if they have room for food scraps.
  • Build a Bin – construction suggestions for the 3-bin system are here.
  • Register your home compost, or find one that is open to food scraps at Share Waste.
    • (you can unlink your own site to new contributors at any time)
  • Biocycle:
    • 06/2020 – currently under construction, but check back regularly

Pay for Service:

Lager Residential Pickup with a Rolling Bin:

Small Bucket Exchange Pickup Programs:

*NOTE – any links to commercial entities are not affiliated sources, just the best suggestions we have right now. Please contact them directly. If you have other suggestions for links to add, please email: and we’ll try to get them added when we can. We have our hands busy right now trying to find a new location.