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Be a Komposter at the Bay View Bash on Saturday, September 21, 2019! 

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: We’re looking for an organized, sustainability-minded, intern to help coordinate our efforts to make the 2019 Bay View Bash a near Zero Waste event. Compensation provided. More info in the blog post and the full Internship Description.

Apply by 4PM, Friday May 3, 2019 to Renee at: (Full Internship Description here)

Graphic by Julie Pahnke, board member

Article SERIES: Want more info? We’re working on a short series of articles with our friends Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) about how far we’ve come, and where we’re going, called #MakeDirtNotTrash.


The 2019 Bay View Bash (between Potter and Clement on Kinnickinnic Ave.) is coming up on September 21. Since 2010, we have helped this entirely volunteer-led festival increase their sustainability and move towards zero waste. The Bash is just one example of how large-scale events can reclaim items from the landfill turning them to soil, and we imagine a Milwaukee where that’s the norm. We need your help to get there.

Bay View Bash Food Vendors: More information about how to get to 100% sustainability here!

What’s it like to be a Bash Komposter?

Passionate … Active … Uniquely Smelly … Dynamic …

Hypnotic … Immersive … Entertaining … Inspiring …

(Yes, those are actual adjectives from past volunteers.) We would be lost without our volunteers. Thank you from the bottom of our Kompost buckets. The Earth and Worms McDirt thank you too. We need help, especially LATE NIGHT.

INDIVIDUAL “KOMPOSTER” VOLUNTEERS: Sign-up to be a Komposter at the 2019 Bash on Saturday or Sunday September 21st or 22nd – Link Forthcoming.

Drink ticket, T-shirt, and our undying love and affection provided. 

Training also provided, and we will have this sorting info banner up in the sorting station. Thanks to board member, Julie Pahnke, for putting together the banner!

Follow our progress DAY OF on Facebook and Instagram and the hashtag: #MakeDirtNotTrash.

TEAM VOLUNTEERS are closed for 2018, come back for 2019!: Are you part of a group or organization that’s looking for a unique fundraiser? Earn funds for your green project, sustainability team, or community group! Minimum requirement: 10 people, 2-hour commitment. Support funding will go to organizations, not individuals. This is based on the number people in your team, the hours they volunteer, and total amount organics diverted from the landfill. Educational or project-based learning opportunity possible!

  • Team Fundraiser Flyer
  • Team Fundraiser FAQs & Requirements
  • Team formation still available. They require some training, and can sign up through Thursday, September 13th! For More Information Contact Renee:
  • Teams are trained, and we will have this sorting info banner up in the sorting station. Thanks to board member, Julie Pahnke, for putting together the banner!

SPONSORSHIP closed for 2018, come back for 2019!: Are you looking for a unique sponsorship opportunity with a home-grown Milwaukee non-profit organization? Do you think about building a sustainable future by re-thinking our “waste” and “resource” streams? We’re kicking in our own money to support team funding, and your support will help us get even farther.

Sponsors provide a minimum sponsorship, plus a pledged incentive based on pounds of organics diverted from the landfill over the minimum goal of 1,000 pounds. The sponsorship levels are:

  • Sustainability Signage: $250 + $0.25/pound >1,000 pounds (max sponsorship $750)
  • Tshirt + Signage: $500 + $0.50/pound >1,000 pounds (max sponsorship $1500)
  • Sustainability Tent Naming Rights + T Shirt + Signage: $1,000 + $1/ pound >1,000 pounds (max sponsorship $3,000)

SHARE: Spread the word, follow our progress on Facebook and Instagram. Share this page ( as well as volunteer and sponsorship opportunities far and wide.