Adventures of a Kompost Kid

Turning Scraps into Plants

Kompost Kids Inc is an all-volunteer organization. Some of our most favorite volunteers are the plants that spontaneously grow or regrow in our compost piles. We frequently see potatoes and especially onions sprout new roots and new leaves in our contribution bins. Squash flourish in the finished compost piles. Plants thrive around us, and so we thought it would be fun to try to grow

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Great Prizes, Awesome Community Support at HamBINGO!

“Hosted by the fabulous Dear Ruthie and Karen Valentine, this is NOT your typical “church basement bingo.”” – Hamburger Mary’s We’re the featured charity for this fantastic upcoming HamBINGO event, Wednesday, August 2 – BINGO starts at 8PM. There are fun drink specials supporting Kompost Kids as well. Kompost Kids will have 10 fabulous new prizes to win. BINGO cards are free (1 card

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The Kitchen Scavenger: From Scraps to Broth

I have a tendency to clean out my mom’s fridge and freezer when she goes on vacation. By “clean” I mean that I use random scraps (parmesan rinds, bread crust) and ends of veggies (and sometimes fruit – like an apple!) that are nearing expiration and add this to the frozen bags of veggie ends, chicken bones, and whatever else I might be storing

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