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Beware: Coffee Pods Lurking!

Sorry, Keurig converts, but coffee pods are simply no fun in the compost bin, community or otherwise. Thrice in the past several weeks, I’ve pulled a load of single-serving pods out of our contribution bin at the Scooter Foundation at Buffum and Wright and brought them home to harvest the grounds and paper filter and pitch the remnant unsavories, the foil top and plastic rim.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather see coffee pods in the compost bin than the trash, but I’d rather rather not see coffee pods in use at all. They are an environmental no-no, which is why the sight of them in the compost pile is such a head scratcher to me. Someone is trying to do the right thing, but making it more difficult at the same time. It’s almost as if the long-accepted “produce sticker” exception got wildly inflated to include this new intrusion into the compost heap, the result of a recent fad in convenience. See elsewhere for a more extended discussion, but for now, please be on the alert: coffee pods, if you must buy them, need extra processing before adding willy-nilly into an otherwise healthy pile of rotting kitchen garbage.

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  1. …yeah, I hate those things too…create more waste ..& (PET PEEVE) PLASTIC + Food consumption = Hormone dusruption, cancer, etc. Just BAD.

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