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Be a Trash Hero with Kompost Kids at the Bay View Bash on September 21 or 22, 2019! Individual, Funded Green Team, Education, and Donation opportunities available. 

Huge thank you to our sponsor, Carmel Builders.

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Since 2010, Kompost Kids and the Bay View Bash have worked towards making MKE’s most sustainable street-festival. Find information below, and in any of our blog posts under the category Make Dirt, Not Trash.

As always, we’ll be doing one of our favorite things – reclaiming organics from the landfill and hand-sorting the food/drink trash of 35,000 of our closest friends. In 2018, KOMPOSTERS sorted 100% of the 4000 lbs of trash. 2000 lbs were compostables, and almost 1000 lbs were recyclables, meaning only 28% went to the landfill. Before Trash Heroes sorted and reclaimed material, a waste audit showed that ~75% of everything in bags headed to the landfill was compostable.

Waste Audit: Miranda Schwabe, Milwaukee Area Science Advocates. Waste Reclamation: KOMPOSTER Trash Heroes.

Individual KOMPOSTER Volunteers: Sign up to be a Komposter at the 2019 Bash on Saturday September 21st, or Sunday 22nd. T-shirt (must sign up by Sept 1), drink ticket, training, and our undying love and affection provided. Click on link here to sign up (Individuals ONLY, Not Team). Our article, Volunteers Make It Possible describes the process in tons of detail.

What’s it like to be a KOMPOSTER? Passionate … Active … Uniquely Smelly … Dynamic …Hypnotic … Immersive … Entertaining … Inspiring …(Yes, those are actual adjectives from past volunteers.)

We would be lost without our volunteers. Thank you from the bottom of our Kompost buckets. The Earth and Worms McDirt thank you too. We need help, especially LATE NIGHT.

Green Team KOMPOSTERS: Teams receive a small stipend. Read the KOMPOSTER Team FAQs & Requirements first, then sign up and select your team shift through this Google Form.

Near-Zero Waste Audit Learning Opportunity Flyer

Hands-on waste audit & data analysis of the Bay View Bash Trash — Sept 21 and 22, 2019. Training provided, and data will be shared! For More Information Contact Renee:

#MKENoWaste Infographics found here

#MKENoWaste Contest: Minimize our MKE’s total single-use trash leading up to and during the Bash to be eligible to win a sustainable prize! Contest rules and guidelines are here. Follow the contest on Facebook here.

Show us your mug, and #MKENoWaste.

SPONSORSHIP: Sponsorship affords innovation in sustainable waste management and supports stipends for Green Team KOMPOSTERS. Sponsorship is closed for 2019, a huge thank you to Carmel Builders! To support, you can still donate here.

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WAAAYYY More Info:

Kompost Kids/ Bay View Bash Timeline. Graphic by Julie Pahnke, former board member

Article SERIES: Want more info? We’re working on a short series of articles with our friends Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) about how far we’ve come, and where we’re going, called #MakeDirtNotTrash.

Bay View Bash Food Vendors: More information about how to get to 100% sustainability here!

Follow our progress DAY OF on Facebook and Instagram and the hashtags: #MakeDirtNotTrash & #MKENoWaste.

SHARE: Spread the word, follow our progress on Facebook and Instagram. Share this page ( as well as volunteer and sponsorship opportunities far and wide.

Since 2010, we have helped this entirely volunteer-led festival increase their sustainability and move towards zero waste. The Bash is just one example of how large-scale events can reclaim items from the landfill turning them to soil, and we imagine a Milwaukee where that’s the norm. We need your help to get there.