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We’re Thawing Out

Spring is getting closer, and we’re gradually thawing out. Due to the consistent extreme cold we experienced this winter, several of our sites reached capacity and remained frozen solid for several weeks running, leaving us unable to do turnings or make room for new material. As the bins thaw out in the next few weeks, we’ll be adding to our resting piles, encouraging gardeners to harvest compost for top dressing their plots, and getting our sites tidied up. We thank you for your continued patience.

The Scooter Foundation site at Buffum and Wright still has plenty of room for new contributions. The other sites in River West are at capacity, but we hope to create some space as soon as the bins thaw sufficiently to allow regular turnings to resume. Wood chips are still in good supply at most sites, and enough thawing has taken place this week to allow new contributions to be properly covered with a thin layer of brown material.

The advent of spring always awakens composters of the world with newfound vigor. It’s time for improvement projects, strengthened connections with partnering gardens, and a fresh start at each of our sites. Contact us for details about how you can get involved.

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