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Volunteer Composting — A TON of Fun

As Milwaukeeans, we love our street fests. As compost and sustainability experts, it’s a little tough to see all those corncobs and plastic beer cups in a garbage can headed to a landfill.

On September 21, 2019, we’re partnering with the amazing Bay View Bash team and Blue Ribbon Organics to change the way neighborhood festivals can think through their “waste” stream. After all, “it’s only waste if it’s wasted.” Food scraps and recyclables are an important part of our sustainable future, and we reclaimed one metric ton each year since 2015. We do this through hand-sorting all materials that make their way into a receptacle at the Bash.

As a near-zero waste event (and 100% volunteer-run one at that), we need your help! If you’ve ever wondered what it might take to compost your own backyard BBQ, block party, or street fest –sign up for this volunteer event now.

Participants walk away (albeit a little dirty) with a new respect keeping items out of our swelling landfills. We hear things like “I’ll never look at another plastic water bottle the same way again.” This is a great opportunity for service learning hours and stepping up your sustainability credibility. Lost more info found here.

Want to delve a little deeper into event composting? Want to learn how to do a waste audit? We’re offering personalized service-learning volunteer and educational opportunities — coordinate timing and planning by contacting us here: compost_at_kompostkids.com.

2018 Waste Audit Information


  1. The price per month to participate is a little steep for seniors and when are you going to make this available to the 14th and Dakota area?