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Bay View Bash 2018 Quick Info!

Lots of fun information about the Bash coming up in less than a month! Check out this page for sponsorship and individual and team volunteer opportunities, as well as follow our article series with MASA called #MakeDirtNotTrash.

Volunteers of the Bay View Bash know that “It’s only waste if it’s wasted,” and food scraps and recyclables are an important part of our sustainable future. Unphased by the prospect of dealing with the food and drink discards of 30,000 to 40,000 of our closest neighbors, we roll up our sleeves and get dirty. In 2017, we reclaimed about one ton of waste headed to the landfill through hand-sorting all materials thrown into garbage bins. It cannot be overstated how vital volunteers are to this effort. 

Perfecting the Sorting Station, 2015.

Bay View Bash 2017, Look at all that soon-to-be soil!

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