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Come ‘N Get It

Our site at Auer and Gordon in Riverwest, lovingly renovated in Spring 2016, now cycles toward the public entrance to the nature preserve and offers a self-serve model of compost screening. Compost is there for the taking, and the public is welcome to visit our site to learn about how to produce first-rate local compost with rudimentary tools and materials.

Finished compost 2

Our system is very simple, and with any luck, the signage removes any lingering ambiguity. After the material cycles through six turns in the Main 6-Bin square pallet enclosures, it sits in the Resting Pile. This pile is now divided into three sections: Not Ready, Ready to Screen, and Finished Compost. The screened product is fluffy, light, and makes an excellent top dressing for established beds or can be blended with garden soil for laying out new beds.

Please see this longer tutorial for more specifics on how to screen by yourself, or with a friend! Gardeners are invited to screen compost using our simple method of gently agitating the screenable material over a frame lined with hardware cloth. You can remove the woody bits, produce stickers, and any trash that has made its way into the compost, and off you go. The overs – the screened out chunks and undecomposed bits – can be tossed back into the Main 6-Bin system. We mean it when we say:

  • Please help yourself to AS MUCH COMPOST as you want to screen! That helps us keep compost moving through the system, and there’s a lot to move from winter collection.

**UPDATE 5/15/2017 – y’all came through!! We will be able to get started much faster at moving the rest of the material through the mainline system since you’ve helped yourselves and cleaned us out. THANK YOU!!

There will be regular turns of compost through the system throughout the summer. You are always welcome to help yourself to the “Ready to Screen” pile – get it while it’s hot.

If you would like to arrange a small group, hands-on lesson to screen and learn more about this self-drop system, please contact Renee at: compost@kompostkids.com.

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