How to Use a Community Compost Site

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Each community compost site may be slightly different, but these basic rules will always apply:

  1. Choose the site nearest to you by referring to our compost map.
  2. Here is a list of what can be composted. We offer 5-gallon buckets at our demo location (1980 S. Marina Drive) that you can use to gather your organic material. Many people line their receptacle with a brown paper bag or newspaper to make it easier to clean. As you add your food scraps, cover with shredded nonglossy paper, paper towels, paper plates, etc. Covering your contributions will prevent fruit flies and a stinky mess later.
  3. If possible, please weigh your contribution before you leave the house. A bathroom scale will work just fine. Please record the weight. Documenting your contribution will help us determine if residents are using the sites and calculate the amount that a household can divert (see Contribution Log).
  4. Once you are at the compost site, there will be a bin labeled ADD HERE. Empty out your contribution into the bin and adequately cover with the BROWN SOURCE on site (usually wood chips). You can also bring your own brown source like nonglossy shedded paper, untreated sawdust, straw/haw, or leaves. We always welcome BROWN SOURCE contributions, which you can just leave in the BROWN SOURCE area.
  5. Please remember to take any trash with you.
  6. If there are any issues with the site or suggestions you may have to improve our system, please let us know. We are all volunteers and depend on help from the community to make this program work. This is a COMMUNITY compost site after all.